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Going to Disney again??

When asked, “are you go to Disney again”?  The answer is YES!!  I have personal and I have professional reasons for the travel.  Let me tell you about them.


Let me review the last 3 times I have been to Disney.  Let’s include my next visit as well.  Last July when I went to Disney when it first reopened it was to find out if it was safe to take my sister.  As some of you may recall, she is terminal with cancer.  Requesting that I take her for her first, and probably last, trip to Disney was a definite!!  I was very pleased to see how seriously Disney was taking precautions to bring guests back into the parks.

Bringing us to the September/October trip with my sister is next.  When asked what I could do for her, she said “take me to Disney”!  SO, I took her to Disney while being her personal in park tour guide.  Having a great time and experiencing low crowds really helped.  She continues to talk about her ECV and the wonderful time she had to anyone who will listen.  It’s all about the memories.

Most recently, I was at Disney with my nephew and his girlfriend.  Neither had been to Disney in about 10 years.  Having someone to guide them through the parks and take of all the planning was fantastic!!  When they returned home they were ready to dig back in to work feeling refreshed.  Being able to give them the magical memories is what makes me keep going back.

My next trip is taking a Disney friend back to Disney.  She has been unable to go for personal reasons.  Things have changed where she is able to travel again and is pumped up for going back “home”.   When people say they are going home, we Disney fans know what they mean.  When I asked her to go she couldn’t say yes fast enough.  I am excited to create more Disney memories for and with her.


My trip last July was to find out what Disney was doing to protect it’s guests.  Learning about what was open and how to best navigate the parks was the goal.  It is my responsibility to have the most up to date information and knowledge about Disney.  Park passes are such an integral part of visiting Disney now.

The September/October was certainly personal but their was business too.  I now know how to plan and execute a great day at Disney with someone who is not healthy and needs short days.  Resting and ending the days early made it important to maximize the time we did have in the parks.  It was a success!!

March trip was an experiment on mid to late 20’s adults and what they want to do in the parks.  It has been a few years since I have been at that age and I wanted to know what was on their to do list.  I was surprised by some of the calmer things they liked to do.  Unfortunately, they like the Rock and Roller Coaster much more than me, lol.  It was exciting taking them onto rides for their very first time, priceless.

My next trip is about keeping in touch with what is happening at Disney.  Changes are starting to happen and they are happening quickly.  My clients, followers and public deserve to know what is happening.  Making the most of your time in the parks is what it is all about.  You are creating magical memories for you!  Let’s talk, or at least ask me your questions.  Yes, I am going back to Disney.

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