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Giving Magical Moments

Giving Magical Moments is important to me.
Yes, The cast members at Disney give so you can have your magical moments, but have you ever given a magical moment??
I have, mine are small but they mean so much to those I am giving them to.
I met a couple from England and the wife noticed my Gergi pin and commented on it- I gave it to her and she gave me a big hug!
Once, I had a Mom and daughter approach me, the daughter had brought the wrong pins to trade and mother wanted to know where she could buy the right ones. I told her and advised of the cost of $8 and up. The mother looked distraught and the daughter knew what that meant. I reached in my pocket and gave the daughter like 6-8 to use for trading. The look on both the daughter and the mothers face was thank you enough.
Giving them is as much fun as getting them.
Thank you!

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