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Getting the Fastpasses you need for Disney!

Will the Disney Fastpasses help me?  Do I really need them for my Disney planning?

What are fastpasses?  How do I use them?

Fastpasses are what I refer to as “go to the head of the line” tickets. Disney has two lines, stand by which everyone can get in.  Then you have the fastpass line.  These are booked in advance and help you avoid the long lines.

The fastpasses can help you in many ways.  The biggest is not having to stand, potentially, for hours in line to go on your favorite rides. It can also help you plan your day out.  Remember you want to maximize your fun.

If you are staying on site you can book your fastpasses at 60 days out from ARRIVAL day.  This does not have to be your first day in the parks.  If you are staying off site then you get to do it at 30 days out from EACH day in the park.  Please use the handy calculator to determine your days out: http://pscalculator.net/pscalc.php

You can book your fastpasses at 7 AM on the day you are allowed.  You can use your My Disney Experience App on your phone or on your computer.  I find it easiest to do on my computer.  You will get 3 fastpasses per park day to book.  Keep in mind that Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom have a Tier system.  What I mean by this is that you get to pick one ride from Tier 1 and two rides from Tier 2.  As you can guess, the most popular rides are in Tier 1.

The 3 fastpasses are part of your ticket and not an additional cost.  Also, once you use your 3 fastpasses you can get a 4th.  Once that is used a 5th and so on.  I do this while walking onto a ride if possible.  If not, I do as soon as I get off the ride.

It is very important to maximize the use of the fastpasses to maximize your time in the parks.  It is also important to know which rides you probably won’t need a fastpass for.  These are a valuable tool for your Disney planning and fun.

Keep in mind that as the day progresses their will be fewer and fewer fastpasses available.  I have had some success getting hard to get rides when checking regularly on my phone using the app.

Another way to use the fastpasses is to go in early for rope drop then go back to resort (hotel, house, etc.) to relax in the afternoon.  Set your fastpasses for late afternoon or evening (even night) and use when you return.  This will save you waiting in line and wasting time.

I hope this has helped you.  Please list any other questions about fastpass in comments.  Enjoy and have fun!!


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