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Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Tips

Are you looking for some individual lightning lane and Genie+ tips?  Here you go.

1-Buy your Genie+ in advance, if possible, if not then by 655 AM buy it to be ready for 7 AM. You do not want to lose any time or ride choices.

2-Be ready at 659 AM and watch when it turns to 7 AM for best choices on Genie+ lightning lanes AND for Individual Lightning Lanes.

3-Don’t panic if at 7 AM (if you are staying on site) that the return times for the most popular rides are so late.  Give the system 10-12 minutes go back in and you will see many that are much closer to park opening hours that will be a perfect time for you.  This worked in multiple parks on multiple days for me and my fellow traveler.

4-Use the 2 hour rule.  What is the 2 hour rule?  The 2 hour rule is when the park is opening at 9 Am and you pick at 7 AM a Genie+ return of 1115 AM.  This means the return time is 2 hours and 15 minutes (over 2 hours) past the park opening ((AM) so you can get another Genie+ ride at 11 AM. I recommend setting an alarm on your phone so you don’t miss out.  This is very helpful if park hoping as well.  If your return time is 3 PM, you can pick again at 11 AM, then 1 PM as well.  maximize the use of the 2 hour rule.

5-Looking for more Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Tips and tricks then reach out to me  for a free 30 minute consultation. I can assist with resort, tickets and in park planning.

6-It’s never too early to start planning your visit to Disney and creating those magical memories.

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