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I have found a product that is great for home or travel.  I recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas, sometimes referred to as the adult #Disneyworld,  we were there for a week and did not do laundry. I brought along my odor removing packs to keep with the laundry and it worked!! It kept the smell away until I was able to get home and wash them. Also, when we left I put the odor removing gel in the bottom of the trash bin to keep odors down while we were gone, again it worked!! #Freshwave has many other products that can help you.  I have also gotten the fresh  pod and odor removing smell for my niece to help with the unpleasant baby smells.  She has told me it worked great!!  You can get these products on line or read more about them at www.freshwaveworks.com also at #Target, #Wegmans, or Bed bath and Beyond!!  I hope this helps you with your travels needs and keep them better smelling.

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