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Food & Wine Festival

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival has been in full swing since 8/29/19.  I will be going later this month and can’t wait!  To eat my favorites and try some of the new items, maybe even a new experience.   So many choices and so little time!! I like to eat my way around the world.  I know others like to drink their way around the world.  Quick note here, heat and drinking do not always work well together so please be careful.

Here is your link for the menus: Food & Wine Info

What is your favorite food at the Festival?  What is one you have yet to try??

My personal favorite it the cheddar soup with pretzel roll and Filet at Canada.

it is also a good idea to plan on sharing the samples as you can fill up easily and you will want to try so many.  Again, check the menu beforehand and mark out your favorite.  Until then, enjoy and eat up!!

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