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Food allergies

Are you worried about dealing with food allergies at Disney? I was, but no longer am.
Several years ago, when we took my nephew to Disney I made sure all dining was table service-the reason- he is deathly allergic to peanuts!
I was so afraid of something happening. I had been trained on how to use the 2 epipens he carried and what to do. I also knew I didn’t want to have to deal with that. NOTE- ON ALL YOUR DINING RESERVATIONS MAKE SURE TO MARK WHAT ALLERGIES YOU HAVE. Back then the chef would come out and speak to you, now you get a special menu. If you aren’t comfortable with the special menu, just ask to speak to the chef. ALWAYS better safe then sorry.
He got used to waiting to place his order before speaking to the chef. I think it made him feel better too.
Don’t think you can only do table service, we went to a counter for ice cream and the cast member brought out this 3″ ring binder to check the ingredients, this made me feel better.
The rule with our nieces and nephews is “you always have to go back to your parents how we got you”, meaning no injuries or harm.
I have had other people mention to me how they love Disney for how they take care of those with food allergies. So, enjoy and know what you can eat!!

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