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Flower and Garden Festival

Flower & Garden Festival food and flowers- So many choices so little time!
I love the Flower & Garden Festival!! The colors all around Epcot, but my favorite are the topiariies. I just love to see what they create. I know this year they have some great new ones, I can’t wait!! Their are over 100!!
The rose gardens are a site to see, with over 100 varieties and so many colors. It is worth your time.
Let us not forget the amazing butterfly garden!! This is a must see for all. It is a netted area so the butterflies do not get away, be careful they may try to hitch hick a ride on you.
Make time for the Garden Rocks Concert series. I love to see which groups they have and put them on my schedule.
You can take special classes to learn more about gardening. Check out the list for something that may interest you.
Don’t forget the food!! I love the differnet kitchens to try something new. I remember the first time I had violet lemonade, very good actually. Combinations you would not think of and new foods to try.
This is a great spring event at Disney! Check out the link for more information:https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/epcot/epcot-international-flower-and-garden-festival/  ENJOY!!

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