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Fishing Excursions at Disney

Have you ever thought about a fishing excursions at Disney?  If not I would definitely recommend trying it.  Especially if you have an avid fisherman in your group. You can take a 2 or 4 hour excursions for your travel group.

I made reservations by phone by calling 1-407-939-2277 at the 180 day mark.  Calling early to make your reservations will definitely help you.  Fishing is great fun  and is on Disney property.  This made me and my husband feel safer being out their fishing.

As you know, if can be somewhat dangerous fishing in certain parts of Florida waterways.  Please use caution if fishing off Disney property and work with a reputable charter company.

We arrived early as requested by Disney at the beach Club Fishing docks.  Meeting our skipper at the time of our sailing was great fun!  He introduced himself, Luke, and advised us of our plan for the day and what he was looking to do. Luke advised of beverages were available on the boat while we were out.  We headed over to the World Showcase lagoon because it was before 11 AM.

Seeing the World Showcase from inside the lagoon was exceptionally cool and worth the trip.  Our skipper was able to get us to great fishing locations. We started catching fish right from the start however, my husband was the first one to catch a fish.  Around 11 AM we moved from the lagoon to docks near Beach Club Resort to finish up the excursion. Fishing excursions at Disney by the Beach Club Resort worked out great as we continued to catch more fish. Luke would also bait the hooks for you as well as take the fish off the hook or you can do it all yourself.


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