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First solo day at Animal Kingdom

Planning a solo day at Animal Kingdom was a first for me.  I do recommend this park when traveling alone.

The day was 10/28/17 and I was at Animal Kingdom, it was a SATURDAY- (FP=Fastpass)

915 am bus stop

920 am bus arrives

1-Dinosaur (delay due to someone dropping bag on track)-reiterated why I do not go on this ride, very jarring.

2-Expedition Everest FP#1 1020-1120

Lunch at Satu’u in Pandora-Cheese burger pods and blueberry mousse

Multiple attempts to update Flights of Passage FP with no success

Pin trading and photopass pictures done, as well as texts to clients going rest of year to go over new fastpass procedure for maximizing fastpasses and experience. Set meets with several clients.

3-Safari FP#2 1205-105

4-Flight of Passage FP#3 150-250

Lunch at Flame Tree BBQ with Discovery Island Carnival music

5-It’s Tough to be Bug

Meet & Greet Pocahontas (new signature for vest)

2nd Primeval Whirl down for mechanical

6-Nemo Show FP#4

Had 5th FP, cancelled, as when came out of Nemo raining, checked radar and decided to leave

It seemed I was doomed not to see Pandora at night due to the rain.  It was a very relaxing day in the park and i still got to do so many things!!


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