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Fireworks at Disney

We all want the fireworks at Disney to return.  I have to say that it is weird to end my day in a Disney park and it not be with the fireworks.  Many of you , I am sure, feel the same way about this.  The day almost seems incomplete or empty.  Disney has trained us to expect that night time entertainment to close the parks.  Of course, that also means a mass exodus from the parks when it ends.  Here’s a hint for you, stay later at Magic Kingdom to experience the “Good night Kiss“.

When fireworks return to Disney you will have choices at Magic Kingdom of Happily Ever After since 2017 when Wishes ended.  Make sure to go to Epcot for either Forever Epcot or the new anxiously awaited Harmonious.  Going to Hollywood Studios you can enjoy Fantasmic show for about 6000 people on benches.  Rumor is that the River of Lights will not be returning to Animal Kingdom so we will have to see what Disney does.  I highly recommend getting the dessert dining package for Happily Ever After for the great seating and foods!!  I know many people who have enjoyed the Frozen Dessert Party at Epcot with unlimited riding of the Frozen ride AFTER the fireworks.

If you are more of a ride person then you can use the time that guests are watching or lining up for fireworks to enjoy the rides.  The wait times tend to drop during this.  Also, if you are in a park 2 days, make one day the attractions the other day the fireworks.  It’s all about maximizing your time and fun.  Don’t hesitate to have ear muffs or plugs for yourself or your little ones.  It can sometime be very loud and perhaps, scary to your small ones or those with special challenges.  Be prepared so you can have a great time!  Let the fireworks at Disney begin again!!

Disney Magic with little girl

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