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February Newsletter

Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party!! A must do!!

Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party!! A must do!!

I FINALLY experienced the Fireworks Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom!!  I am sorry I waited so long!

It was amazing! In my opinion, it was well worth $80/person. With Larger Parties and tight budgets, I know this can be expensive, but it is definitely worth the money.

I originally bought the $60 ticket for Plaza Garden Viewing.  After doing further research and speaking with a client I decided to cancel that and upgrade to Tomorrowland  Viewing for 7:00 PM.  That evening Once Upon a Time was at 730 PM and Happily Ever After Fireworks were at 8 PM.

During the Plaza Viewing and the 6:45pm Tomorrowland viewing, you sit down while eating, but are then moved to a different location to view the fireworks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really nice area to view the fireworks, but you are standing with a large group of people. Whereas, during the Fireworks Party that I chose, I was able to sit during the whole show.

I found with the Plaza Viewing and the 645 PM Tomorrowland viewing that you sat down while eating but were then moved to a different location to view the fireworks.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a REALLY nice area to view the fireworks, but it is standing with the big group of people.  Whereas, the Fireworks Party I chose was sitting the whole time.

I should note that this event was a special occasion. We had our niece with us who was celebrating her high school graduation.  This was one of the “extras” we were doing with her.

We arrived at Tomorrowland Noodle Station Area around 6:45-6:60pm and were greeted and given a special band that would allow us to come and go in that area as we needed (restrooms, etc.).  We were then escorted to our front row table.

We had an INCREDIBLE view! There was no one sitting in front of us to block our view and we didn’t have anyone near us pushing us out of the way. There were a couple of small trees that blocked minor parts of the projections on the castle but overall, our view was great!

You were then invited to enjoy any-and-all the beverages and food that was provided.  There were about 8 different drinks like; sparkling cider in champagne glasses, coffee, tea, lemonade, juice, bottled water and more.  Then there was the cheese and fruit bar, and specialty desserts that was just for the Fireworks Parties that are really cool.  Last but not least was the ice cream and cookie area.  You could have sundaes and so much more!!

We used this as a dinner as we had a late lunch and knew it would be a lot of goodies and it worked out really well.

Before you knew it they were starting Once Upon A Time  with a short break it was the Happily Ever After Fireworks!!  I can’t even find the words to say how much I enjoyed the fireworks and the view!!  It was magical.  I don’t know if I will be able to go back to watching them the “old” way.  To watch these amazing fireworks in a comfortable chair, with great food, and no one blocking my view and the wonderful company- There’s nothing better!  Well, maybe one thing – The look of joy on my niece’s face as she watched the projection show and fireworks was not only priceless, but it was magical.

My husband made the comment that it was fun to see the smile on Tinker bell’s face as she flew down from the top of the castle.  Yes, she really does come right over your head there.

So, if you are looking for something special and magical to top your night of at Magic Kingdom, then try this.  You will be happy you did.

Thank you and enjoy!  Until next month,

I am a Disney park veteran, and I’ve made it my passion and my career to help other people and their families experience the magic of Disney at its full potential. This is just one of the many topics that I can help you with when it comes to making your trip to Disney the great vacation you always hoped for. I take care of most aspects of planning your Disney trip, from making your dinner reservations and organizing FastPasses to comprehensive Disney App training and planning your entire park days, plus much more.

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Have a great day!!

Until next month,


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