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Fastpasses, Disney’s very own go to the head of the line tickets

I call Disney’s Fastpasses, go to the head of the line tickets.  The reason for this is that they keep you from standing in the “stand by” line which can literally be hours.  Check out some of the wait times on your phones using the My Disney Experience App some time.  You get 3 with your park ticket for each day in the park.

As I type this the longest wait times in each of the parks is:

  1. Magic Kingdom  105 Minutes for Seven Dwarfs mine train
  2. Epcot  60 minutes Test Track
  3. Hollywood Studios 120 minutes Rock’N Roller Coaster
  4. Animal Kingdom 135 minutes Na’vi River Journey

You definitely do not want to spend your time in line, you want to spend your time doing fun things!!

It is so important to choose your Fastpasses wisely.  Here are the recommends:

  1. Magic Kingdom:Seven Dwarfs Mine, Peter Pan and any of the “mountain” rides
  2. Epcot: Test Track, Soarin’, and Frozen
  3. Hollywood Studios: Slinky Dog dash, Tower of Terror and Rock “N Roller Coaster (all this will go to the Galaxy’s Edge Rides when opened-Star Wars)
  4. Animal Kingdom: Flights of Passage, Na’vi River and Expedition Everest

When to sign up?

  1. If on site you can do 60 days out from your arrival (go for the single hardest to gets first)
  2. If off site then 30 days out for each day in the park

Can I get more?

  1. YES!!  Once you use your 3 you can get a 4th, use it then get a 5th, use it, get a 6th, etc.

Remember that the number available will go down as the day progresses.

Here is an extra link to help you with even more information: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/help/fast-pass-plus/?int_cmp=INS-intWDWtoWDW-FP

Have a great time and choose wisely!

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