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What is a FASTPASS? A fastpass is Disney’s version of “go to the head of the line ticket”. It does NOT cost anything extra, it is part of your ticket. You get to pick 3 rides for the park you are going to or are in.
For guests staying at Disney Resorts, you can use the My Disney experience App on your smartphone or log in on your computer, and pick rides 60 days prior to your arrival. This gives you first dibs on the most wanted rides. Not only that you get to pick your fastpasses for your entire trip (up to 10 days)!!
For off site guests you can pick 30 days prior to your day in the park. Unfortunately, you need to pick at each 30 day out mark, NOT at your first 30 day mark.
Lastly, you can pick your fastpass rides the day you are in the park. Either using the kiosks in the parks or your smartphone.
Pick your Fastpass to avoid standing in line and ENJOY!!

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