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First thing first, THIS IS FREE!  I bet I have been asked at least once a day in the past two weeks, “How much does it cost?”, the answer is FREE!! Whether you are staying on site or off site this is no cost to you.  What is Fastpass you ask, the answer is, a go to the head of the line pass.  You get to choose 3 attractions (shows, fireworks, rides) for your choices.  Keep in mind that Epcot and Hollywood studios has a tiering system ,meaning, you get ot pick one ride from tier 1 and 2 rides from tier 2.  This being said, once you use (activate) all three choices you can pick a fourth, use that a fifth, and so forth. You can use your My Disney Experience App on your smart phone to do this!!(recall we discussed this before).

If staying on property you can do this at 60 days out and book for your whole trip, if off site you can do at 30 days out from each day you are going. The further out the better with the MUST DO rides. Also, it saves you time when you get into the park as you have already picked them out.

Save time , do more.  Enjoy the day!!wdw032014-888

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