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Fall Foliage in New York

Fall Foliage in New York State is upon us!  Keep in mind that New York is a big state and that the foliage varies by area.  What I mean is, the farther north you are the earlier that the Fall foliage reaches it’s peak.  I recommend checking out New York Fall Foliage to know when to go to which areas of the state.

You can also find great accommodations, dining and activities to keep you busy along the way.  As I previously mentioned, New York is a big state and their is so much to do and see!  I recommend doing your research BEFORE going to maximize your time away and minimize your stress.  Another option is to reach out to me to have a conversation of where to travel.

How about knowing what museums or other attractions are open before going to avoid disappointment?  This will help you know the hours of operation, cost (if any) and what they offer,  You may even find a coupon to help save you money or even a specific limited time exhibit.

This is also a great time check out some new and different foods. Another option, try an old time favorite with a local spin to it. Maybe try local ice cream shops, or candy shops. What do you want to try?  I love trying something new and different when I travel.  Especially local foods or flavors.  You may want to try different maple syrup locations for different flavors.  Often you can get specially made maple syrup items like cotton candy.

Fall Foliage in New York can be ever better when you partner the trip with the historical locations within the state.  Remember that the Revolutionary War took place here as well as so much more. The trip can be educational as well as beautiful! Where do you want to go and what do you want to see?

Fall foliage


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