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#Epcot Fastpasses

Epcot and Hollywood Studios have a unique setup with Fastpasses, it is a TIERING system.  For your three Fastpasses you get to choose one from Tier 1 and 2 from Tier 2.  As you may have guessed the Tier 1 Fastpasses at Epcot are Frozen Ever After, Soarin, and  Test Track.  This means you want to be at park for opening and make the beeline to one of them and Fastpass another one.  Again, it is important to know which rides/attractions your group wants to do.  ***REMEMBER once you use your 3 Fastpasses you can pick another,BUT trying to get the more popular ones can be difficult if not impossible.  Keep in mind that Disney has set up interactive queues to help keep people busy or occupied while standing in line.  This past visit of mine I did wait in line at Frozen Ever After, about 35 minutes first thing for day), but the line moved very quickly, you rarely stood in one place for long.  Be prepared if you need to do this and look at what Disney has set up for you!EPCOT_ECENTR2_7506060545

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