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Epcot and fastpasses

What fastpasses for Epcot? Great question as Epcot , along with Hollywood Studios, has a tiering system for them. This means of your 3 fastpasses you can choose, only one is from tier 1 and 2 from tier 2.
At Epcot the tier 1 rides are:
-Frozen Ever After
-Test Track
This does create a big challenge for you. Make sure to choose the one that is an absolute MUST for your travel group. Then the second choice is the one you go to FIRST thing in the morning.
Keep in mind that Test Track does have a single rider line, if you can break up your group. NOTE-DO NOT BREAK UP GROUP WITH SMALL CHILDREN. Yes I have seen this happen. I had a 7-8 year old girl ride with me who had no meet up plans with parents afterwards. She told me they split up so they could ride this ride (she had a younger sister on ride as well). Thank you for reading.

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