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Enjoyable and Educational Opportunities for Homebound Kids


Enjoyable and Educational Opportunities for Homebound Kids by our guest writer maria Cannon.  Maria is from hobbyjr.org

Mom and daughter together

Keeping kids for long periods at home can be an exercise in patience and ingenuity, as many parents will attest. After all, all that pent-up energy has to go somewhere and may seem too much for the confines of your home. The key lies in well-thought-out activities that are as fun as they are educational and engaging. So, here are some useful resources to keep those housebound kids busy and learning and ultimately, out of your hair.

Teach Essential Life Skills

10 Life Skills to Teach Your Child by Age 10

Never Too Early to Teach Kids How to Cook — Here’s How

Teach Kids How to Plant While Stuck at Home

Why and How We Teach Kids to Clean and Do Chores

6 Ways Kids Routines Encourage Independence

Have a Load of Fun

70 Fun Things to Do with Kids While Stuck at Home

11 Fun STEM Activities for Kids That Will Also Foster Curiosity

12 Exercises For Kids That Are Actually Fun

15 Educational Video Games for Kids Stuck At Home (That Are Actually Fun)

Make Plans for a Disney Vacation for When the Pandemic Ends

Keep it in the Backyard (For Now!) 

Playing It Safe While Getting Cooped-Up Kids Outside

Cost to Install a Backyard Playground (Starts at $343)

16 Fun Backyard Games For Kids

Suffice it to say, it’s a good idea to see the fact that your kids are stuck at home not as a challenge but as an opportunity to learn, have fun, and bond as a family. Thankfully, resources and activities abound to help you achieve exactly that, so make sure to take advantage!

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