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ECV The scooters in the parks and beyond!

Their are times and places that the scooters are needed.  Many people will fight not to use them as a matter of pride or stubbornness.  It took a long time for my husband to admit that he needed it (due to hip injury). By the indivdual using a scooter it makes EVERYONES time at Disney better. No need to slow down or stop early because someone is in pain or discomfort.  Let’s make it better for them and everyone else in their party!!  Rent the scooter!! You can rent them in the parks but it can get expensive and it is a first come, first serve policy.  Their are many off site rental companies that will deliver to your resort or hotel room.  They also deliver to time shares and personal homes. You alos have to work the COST factor into your budget.

We have used Walker Mobility , http://www.walkermobility.com, and have had great success with them.  Check with the company you are looking at to verify that they deliver to Disney, many can leave the scooter at your resort so you can pick it up when you arrive.  Something to think aobut, if your last day is going to be a park day, make sure ot have scooter for that day as well.

ECV is worth the money!! It saves time and problems when used as needed.

PS Remember to turn the speed down to the lowest amount, especially until you get used ot using it-this is SAFETY TIP.



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