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ECV at Disney

ECV’s at Disney. These can be a life saver for people that have limited mobility or just cannot handle all the walking.
My husband has a hip injury from a fall many years ago that limits the amount of walking he can do before the pain sets in. He knows how long this is and therefore uses the ECV.
He also knows if he can’t keep up with the travel group or makes that group keep waiting and resting, it does not make for a happy travel group.
Also, I am lucky he understands that as the day goes on that people get tired. Because of this he slows down the speed on his ECV as the day goes on. This way he is not rushing people.
Sadly, I have seen people do th eopposite of this then wonder why people can’t keep up.
Something else to think aobut when using ECV. You are not getting exercise, so watch what you eat. The rest of your travel party may be walking around burning calories but you are not. My husband defintiely keeps this in mind.
ECV’s are a great tool so please use them wisely. Thank you.

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