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Don’t hesitate!!

Don’t hesitate when booking Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes at Disney!


Genie+ lightning lanes and Individual Lightning Lanes are available at 7 AM the day you are going into the park not before for Disney Resort Guests.  For off site guests it is 7 AM for Genie+ and at park opening for Individual Lightning Lanes. Be ready at 655 AM to book.

***MAKE SURE IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE GENIE+ ON YOUR ACCOUNT THAT YOU PURCHASE IT BY 655 AM FOR YOUR GROUP***  You do not want to waste valuable time for Genie+ and/or Individual Lightning Lane reservations.

Keep your eyes on return times as it will probably change, at least by a few minutes and perhaps longer, it happened to me every time.  Don’t let this stop you from booking your attractions.

What I mean by do not hesitate is once you see the ride/s you want book it don’t wait to discuss with others in group.  Have theses discussions BEFORE you need to book.  A few seconds can change everything!  I saw Individual Lightning Lanes for Flight of Passage go from available at 10 AM to 6 PM in a matter of seconds.

Remember you can purchase 2 Individual Lightning Lane attractions per day.  You can not do one twice.  If you are park hopping this is a great option and definitely utilize this option.

**Make sure to get your next Genie+ attraction reservation as soon as you can after you scan in for ride.  Minutes make a difference and I do not want you to miss out on any opportunities. Also, if the next Genie+ is more than 2 hours from time of booking and park is open, you can pick a second one 2 hours after you book the first one.  Maximize the use of the Genie+!

Remember , do not hesitate when selecting your next Genie+! For helpful advice see my services.


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