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Do you talk to the cast members?

The question is not so much do you talk to the cast members but do you listen to the cast members at Disney?  I love to talk to the cast members when they have a moment. Usually there is more time to talk to the cast members who are working in the stores and /or the restaurants.  Mostly the cast member at the rides are pretty busy. You have the opportunity to talk to people from around the world!!  I have family members that when they go they love to visit certain countries in order to practice their foreign language.  What a great opportunity to have your children practice a foreign language!!

Do you listen to the cast members?  Think about when you are standing in line for a ride or waiting to be seated at a restaurant and a cast member asked you to move.  Do you?  sadly, you can often see guests not listening to the cast members when it comes to the rides.  Guests think that the rule does not apply to them (putting down lap bar, taking their hat off, not jumping over a rope) is not for them, it is for the other guests.  Let me tell you that Disney’s number one pillar and goal is SAFETY!  Disney wants everyone to be safe.  This is particular important for rides with height restrictions lap bars, and safety belts.  Disney wants you to be safe. So the next time a cast member asks you to do something, please do it.  Secondly, remember that they are doing this for your safety.  You don’t want to ruin your trip by hurting yourself or someone in your party.

Be kind to the cast members while you are at Disney as they work VERY hard. Make sure to also thank them.

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