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Disney’s Key to the Kingdom Tour

Have you experienced Disney’s key to the Kingdom Tour at magic Kingdom yet?   If not, then make sure to get it on your calendar!!  This is an amazing tour and includes lunch while at Magic Kingdom. It is a 5 hour tour that shows you behind the scenes as well as what subtle nods are out there.

Touring starts at the Town Square Building on your right when you first enter Magic Kingdom.  Checking in takes place here as well as choosing your lunch preference.  You have the opportunity to get a bottle or two of water to enjoy while on the tour.  Hydrating is so important while at Disney especially in the summer months.  Take advantage of this to keep yourself hydrated.

You are given audio headgear and box to better hear your guide.  Noise is a given while in the parks during the day.  You will appreciate this especially when in busier areas of the parks like Town Square.  This also comes in very handy when you are down in the utilidoors as it is very busy down there.  Guides are so full of information and trivia that you will love it!  The Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom tour is definitely for Disney fans!

Learning about Disney is what this tour is all about.  You learn about on stage off stage as well as the in between areas as well.  You will learn about Disney paint colors and what they mean.  I had hesitated taking this tour as I was afraid to lose some of the Disney magic.  Quite the opposite happened, I found even more!!

Next time you are looking for that special tour I would recommend the Keys to The Kingdom Tour !!  Talk to Colleen about this tour for your travel party!!

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