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Disney’s biggest concern is keeping you and your family safe

Disney’s biggest concern is keeping you and your family safe.  Please follow their guide lines as well as common sense. Safety is the number 1 pillar with Disney and it should be yours.

Disney’s biggest concern is keeping you and your family safe. Disney provided entertainment to guests during the 2 day park shut down that included (but not limited to):

1-Character meet and greets in the lobby
2-Arcades were open for free play but limited time between games so more people could have the opportunity to play the games.
3-Popcorn was given out for free in the lobby to guests.
4-Trivia and other games of all kinds were played in the lobby as well.  Cast members were doing their best to keep the guests entertained, especially the little ones.
5-Pools were open when weather allowed for it and was watched very closely.
6-Housekeeping was very available to guest on both days.  You could get the towels, blankets, coffee or tea as much as you needed.  Of course, you could get the condiments and cups to go with them.  They will also take away your excess garbage.

Make sure to bring your own things to keep entertained during a hurricane or other bad weather to aid in not going stir crazy. Keep yourself safe.

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Hurricane Policy

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