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Disney VISA card

Didi you know that Chase has a Disney VISA card that gives you various discounts at Disney?  Check out this link. We can all enjoy the helpful savings during our Disney visit.

Discounts may include room discounts, merchandise discounts (This is also valid at Shop Disney), and food discounts.  You can enjoy the merchandise discount and very helpful.  This discount is off of $50 or more in merchandise.  Earning your Disney dollars that you can then use to pay for resort, food, and merchandise!!  The Disney dollars is kind of a savings plan for Disney.  Generally, I use the Disney dollars for food when I visit Disney.  This works out great so that I know my food costs are covered for my first few days at Disney.

Wouldn’t you like to have a cool Disney picture on your Disney VISA?  It gets people talking to you about Disney when you use it. Currently, you can get “The Child”, also known now as Grogu. It’s great that you can change the face on your card regularly for more fun!  Normally I get attached to the card I have.  This is especially true when they change the fronts that are available.  Chase does change them regularly and you may not be able tog et same one on renewal.

One of my favorite perks for the Disney VISA card is the exclusive photo opportunities.  Each park has them and it’s important to know where they are and take advantage of it. Knowing that at Hollywood Studios I saw Kylo Ren and it was like a 5 minute wait or less.  Disney’s other park guests could stand in line for over 30 minutes to see him at the general character meet and greet.  Enjoying the shorter wait is great, don’t you agree??

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