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Tools for your Disney vacation

Have you ever wondered about tools for your Disney vacation are available??  Disney gives you some great tools.  Let’s go over them now.

Let’s Review the tools for your Disney vacation that Disney offers:

Basic for free is the Genie. 
-Genie is a free program that is part of Disney’s My Disney Experience App that gives you wait times, suggested itineraries and so much more.  You can use it to plan your day in the parks based upon what you want to do.  The minor drawback is that you cannot see the order or recommendations until the day you are in the park.  It can also change as the flow of guests and attractions changes.

Genie+ is a paid service.
-Genie+ is a paid service ($15/day/person plus tax) that works like the old “fastpass” system and gives you access to MOST rides in the parks for lightning lane.  You can have one Genie+ lightning lane ride at a time UNLESS your next ride is over 120 minutes from booking time.  OR 120 minutes after park opening.  You can book your first choice at 7 AM after you purchase the Genie+ on the app.   Personally, I set an alarm on my phone if I am using the 120 minute rule so as not to miss out on an opportunity.  Also, if you have an iPhone then it will tell you when you can select your next Genie+ choice.  Not on an Android phone, sadly.

Individual Lightning Lanes are the third part of the Genie System.
-Individual Lightning Lanes are a PAID service for the top ride in each park where the price varies by day and park.  You will find out the price the day you are in the park.  The price ranges from $7 to $17 usually. You can purchase 2 individual lightning lane attractions but not the same attraction twice.

Virtual Queue.
Currently, Guardians of the Galaxy is using a virtual queue at 7 AM and 1 PM (must be in Epcot park to try) and 6 PM for Deluxe Resort guests on late night park opening.  This is currently Monday night but only for deluxe resort guests.
You can also buy an individual lightning lane for Guardians of the Galaxy while available.

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