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Disney updates are happening fast and furious.  It is so important to keep up on the changes BEFORE you arrive at Disney.  Follow me on Facebook to keep up on all the changes.  Another way is to sign up for my monthly newsletter. I cannot over stress the importance of knowing BEOFRE you go.

In May, Disney updated the mask policies.  The big change was no masks in common outdoor locations.  That does not mean no mask in the parks.  When standing in the attraction lines when you get to a particular point you will be required to wear your mask.  Also, indoor shopping, indoor dining or indoor attractions will require a mask to be warn.  Disney has a wonderful “know before you go” on their homepage that is updated the quickest.  With that being said, if you are not comfortable without the mask then PLEASE feel fine wearing them.  I am anxious to go back and see if I will or will not wear my mask.  You need to be at YOUR comfort level.

Temperature screenings have gone away at Disney. Disney has also gone from 6 foot social distancing to 3 foot.  Wondering when and where the plexiglass and heavy vinyl will be coming down throughout Disney.  At this time, cast members are still required to wear masks.  Also, we have not yet seen or heard about an increase in number of dining locations or reservations.  Disney has advised they have increased capacity n the parks, yet they are not saying to what number.

The challenge is going to be the staffing to take care of all the guests.  To raise park capacity, resort capacities and dining capacities they will need cast members.  Disney has been posting jobs and looking to hire or rehire cast members.  If you were looking to start working at Disney this may be a good time.  Disney needs people (cast members) to take care of the people (guests) that are anxious and excited to go back to Disney.  Let the magic begin!!
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