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Disney Tickets!

Big changes happened this year with tickets at Disney including seasonal pricing, what day you start using your tickets and so much!

This month let’s talk about ticket choices.  They are vast, to say the least!  It ranges from one day tickets all the way up to annual passes and everything in between. And now there is seasonal pricing to look at as well!  Determining what is best for you can be very difficult. Also, if you go for one day it is a different price whether you go to Magic Kingdom® (more expensive) or the other 3 parks. I am sure I have your head spinning now.

Park Hopper is the next option you can add once you determine how many days you need/want.  Park Hopper allows you to go from one park to another in the same day. FYI you can NOT use a day of park ticket to go to one park in morning and another park day ticket in the evening YOU MUST BUY A PARK HOPPER to do this. You can also add the Water Park Fun and more option.  This includes water park tickets, entrance into ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course (one round free), and free miniature golf round at both Fantasia and Winter Summerland BEFORE 4 PM.

REMEMBER each option you add increases your price ticket and you can’t do everything!!

You will need to know your budget and how many days you plan to go into the parks. You can always update or change your ticket as long as there is one day left on the ticket (don’t wait to your last day!).

When staying on property at Disney they link your tickets directly to your Resort Reservation.  This also links into your My Disney Experience, which links to your magic band (the new Magic bands are coming out next year).  For those who do not like the bands Disney has a new Magic Keepers. They are kind of like a key chain.  You could attach to a belt loop or carry in your pocket.

Buying tickets can be very confusing so it is important to talk to Disney Planners, Disney authorized Travel Agents and Disney itself BEFORE you buy them.  Picking the right tickets creates the right and great time! Enjoy!!



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