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Disney resorts, where should I stay?

Disney resorts, where should I stay?  That questions has so many answers and they depend on the individual travel group.  I will break it down into the 3 Disney categories.

To start you have the Value Resorts.  You will find many families here as well as school groups from around the world. The rooms are the smallest on property and generally with two double beds (although this is slowly changing to 2 queen size beds). They have usually 2 pools-one big main one and then a smaller secondary.  You will not find hot tubs or table service restaurants.  It is all cafeteria style dining but the food is very good.  Two of the value resorts have suites-The Art of Animation and All-Star Music.  The suites have one separate bedroom with a queen bed then a sofa sleeper, full size, and a pull down full size bed for a maximum of 6 people. Their also is a kitchenette and has 2 bathrooms.  This can really help in the morning getting everyone going!

Next up are the Moderate Resorts.  You have many choices and locations to choose from here.  They will have at least one table service restaurant at the resort and a cafeteria style one as well.  The bedrooms are usually 2 queen size beds but you can get 2 queen size with one child size pull down bed (at select resorts).  These resort rooms are larger and while still nicely themed are a definite step up from the value resort rooms.  With that comes a higher ticket price to go with it. You will also have a main pool and hot tub available at the resort, sometimes multiple pools to choose from.  In this class is also the Wilderness Campgrounds with their cabins or regular campgrounds to enjoy.

Finally, we have the Deluxe resorts.  These are the largest rooms and nicest spaces. They generally have 2 table service restaurants if not more as well as a cafeteria style dining. Also available at the Deluxe Resorts are the Deluxe Villas.  The Villas can be studio, 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms with their own kitchens or kitchenettes. You will have your choice with restaurants and ding as well as pool choices and availability of spas.  These really are the top of the line for experience and comfort levels.  With it comes the premium price.  Location of the Deluxe Resorts is also prime, 3 of them being on the monorail for Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  This can be a great advantage and perk!

You need to look at your travel group and decide what is best for everyone in it.  It is also recommended that you know what your budget is for staying on Disney property.  You have lots of choices and I am happy to talk to you about them!  What is best for you? Disney Resorts, where should I stay?


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