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Disney Planning

Where To Begin When Planning Your Disney Vacation...

Dreaming of a Magical Disney Vacation? Let Colleen Parisi, Your Expert Disney Travel Planner, Make it a Reality!!

Are you dreaming of a magical Disney vacation?  It’s time to make it a reality!!  Get Colleen Parisi, your expert Disney planner, to assist you with all your Disney travel needs.  This includes, yet not limited to, Disney Resort, Disney tickets, Disney Dining Plan, Disney Memory Maker and so much more!! 

You can discuss and learn what is the best location for you and your family for which resort to stay at.  It is important to choose which one works for your travel party, your park locations, and your budget.  Which amenities are important to you? Which resort has them?  That is a question for you and the answers from Colleen Parisi. She can answer those questions as well as so many more!

During your consultation you can learn which is the best ticket option for you as well as which other services you want to add to your magical Disney vacation.  Colleen is available from when you first book until you get home from Disney, she is with you in the parks as well (figuratively speaking).

In park services are also offered for a fee that include making your dining reservations, making a daily itinerary for you, teaching you to maximize your time in the parks as well as being there for you for the entire planning process and visiting time.  It is your own concierge service.

Say goodbye to stress and confusion! Colleen will create your personalized itinerary, your very own “GAME PLAN”, designed to maximize your time and ensure you have a blast!!

It’s time for you to say goodbye to stress and confusion for planning your Disney vacation.  The time is now to reach out to Colleen Parisi, master planner, for a stress free, confusion free Disney vacation! 

Colleen will walk you through the planning process and take care of so many of your planning needs that your stress and confusion will go away.  Have a question or feeling confused?  Call or text Colleen for the answer, even If you are in a Disney Park, yes even while in a Disney Park.

You will have a series of meetings with Colleen in person, over the phone or via Zoom. This is to make sure that you are doing everything you want at Disney!!  Here excitement and enthusiasm is contagious!! Colleen knows the right questions to ask and knows great tips to assist you.

These meetings contribute to Colleen creating your own personal game plan.  We don’t like the word schedule for a couple reasons. First, it starts with S like stress and secondly, it puts too much pressure on you for times.  The itinerary is a recommended order to explore the parks, so you maximize your time there.  It guides you step by step on where to be next, so you don’t have to worry about that.  It is already taken care of for you!!

Colleen will maximize your fun and minimize your stress and confusion.  This makes time for you to create magical memories for you and your family!!

When planning your magical vacation to Disney make sure to reach out to Colleen Parisi because when you want your Disney planning to be easy call Colleen Parisi.



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