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#Disney planning , step 2, the accommodations

WDW2012JD&Z 599Great you have picked your date and now deciding to stay on site or off site.

If staying on site then I suggest a travel agent.  The big reason is they watch the sales and promotions and can rebook your vacation to save you money.  Remember there is no cost to you to use a travel agent. If you want me to suggest one or more to you then I will, please contact me at Colleen@awalkintheparkwithcolleen.net

Each has it’s pros and con’s.  Below is just a couple of them.


Onsite- Magical Express and Disney transportation

-Disney Magic

Offsite-Lower $$ for accommodations

-Greater flexibility for getting around


Onsite-Limited by Disney transportation

-Higher $$ for accommodations

Offsite-“Regular” hotel rooms , no magic

-Probably need rental car and then $20/day for parking at parks

I hope this helps.  Happy planning!!

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