Disney Planning in 5 easy Steps is available from my on line class on thinkific  Make sure to check it out!!

If you want to make your vacation planning to be easy them I recommend checking out this class and seeing how it can help you plan your days in the parks at Disney so you have fun instead of stress.  It is a vacation so enjoy by doing the hard work in advance.  As a result, taking this class you will have a great time at Disney and feel better prepared.

Here is another link for more help and answers for you. Please feel free to reach out to me with your planning questions or concerns.  Everyone should have a great time at Disney therefore, its easy to do with this Disney planning in 5 easy steps!!  What could be easier than that?  I want it to be easy to keep the stress and angst down.  After all, Disney is the happiest place on earth and you deserve to have the happiest memories from your visit there!

This class steps are easy to follow and learn from as you go through each step as listed below:

1-Picking your date, accommodations and transportation

2-Choosing how many days in each of the parks

3-Dining:Table Service vs. Quick (Counter) Service

4-Planning Rides and Attractions

5-What to do on your “down day”-non-park day

It is much easier when you know the steps to take and in what order.  It also helps you go from feeling overwhelmed to focused on what you can accomplish and how you can accomplish it.  Reach out to me at colleen@awalkintheparkwithcolleen.net or 518-265-1421 with all your questions.

Are you ready now??  I know I am ready to help you start your planning today.  let the magic begin today and go forward!!