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Disney Movies watched through COVID

The number of Disney movies watched through COVID for me is huge!  I have tried to keep it in an order so I would remember.

Of course, the basic approach would be watching from A to Z but then you have to decide if you do all or break down by animated and live action.  I opted to use my own approach.

1-Watched all animated movies in chronological order

2-Watched Star Wars in time line order

3-Watched ALL the Marvel movies in Marvel Universe order

4-Then went to live action in alphabetical order, yes, I caved to alphabetical order

5-I did not watch all the nature movies at this time but am starting to work on them

6-I did watch movies and movie sequels that I didn’t think I would like but did.

7-I watched many of the Disney + originals and found some great new shows

8-Watching shows I had not seen it ages was great fun and entertaining.  It also gave me an opportunity to see how far Disney has progressed and advanced.

9-This was an opportunity to see stars before they were stars and even some that were stars to start

10-What did you watch on Disney+ during COVID?

It is always interesting to learn Disney Movies watched through COVID and what you thought.  Please put in comments one movie/show you loved and one you were not a fan of. Do you subscribe to Disney+?  Watching the Disney movies will enhance your visit to Disney!

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