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Disney mistake #5 and you

The 5th and final Disney mistake #5 is not putting rest in your daily plans.

It is important to make and take some down time each day you are in the parks.  Down and rest time can be a sit down ride for over 20 minutes. Sitting down to a  show over 20 minutes will also work..

Another great way is to have a sit down table service meal.  Dining at a table service restaurant that you made a reservation for works as well. Dining at quick or counter service requires searching for a table.  I want you to be able to walk in and  enjoy your meal. Having the ability to re-hydrate and go back out to the parks so you can enjoy more.

It could mean going back to your resort, hotel, timeshare, etc. and going swimming, taking a nap, or just resting in the room.  Then heading back to the park refreshed.  This is especially important with little ones, much older ones and during the really hot months.  Don’t make Disney mistake #5 and you.

Plan for a rest and you will be rested!

A clients feedback:
“Colleen is a master of her craft. She made it possible for me to actually enjoy two weeks in Disney with 4 kids while working. Thanks to Colleen, I had time blocked out during each day for work and maps of each park with ideal work spots circled. Additionally, she helped me plan important time with my family and also had all of the baby care centers highlighted for me on each park map! Each day I had one page of notes/suggestions from Colleen and my map for whichever park I was visiting- it was THAT easy! Colleen also took the time to text me every so often to check in and make sure I was having a good time. Her level of care and attention to detail is unprecedented. A Walk in the Park with Colleen takes concierge service to a new level!”-Andrea S.

Chef Mickey with Mickey

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