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Disney Mistake #3

Next on the list of top Disney mistakes we have Disney mistake #3. That is not making your dining reservations at the 180 day mark!  Use this calendar to know when your 180 day mark is.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THE 180 DAY MARK!!  This will help for you to get those hard to get dining reservations like Chef Mickey, O’Hana’s and Be Our Guest.

Making your reservations on line when the window opens 6 AM EST is absolutely a must!  I recommend to start with the hardest to get reservations then work your way backwards. If staying on site it is 180 days from your ARRIVAL day.  Also, you can make dining reservations for up to 10 days from the 180 day mark.  Maximize this perk by planning for it.

Dining at Disney is part of the whole Disney Experience.  Don’t make these Disney mistakes, especially Disney mistake #3. Dining choices include table and quick service options.  Eat new and different things!  Going to my favorite places are a must!!

Here is a clients feedback: “Have you gone to Disney and been totally overwhelmed? Or spent too much time waiting for a special ride/attraction/character? How about knowing where to eat?  Talk with Colleen. We used her when we had our trip last year. And every penny was worth it! She took care of my dining and FastPass reservations. Colleen was there when I had to change a dining reservation at the last minute. She helped when most rides were closed due to lightening.”  Seriously. Call Colleen.”DV

Disney Character Dining with A Walk in the Park with Colleen

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