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Disney Mistake #2

We will keep looking at the top 5 Disney mistakes. Disney mistake #2 is not using your Fastpasses and not booking them early enough!  Stressing this cannot be overdone.  Making your Fastpasses work for you is absolutely important.  Obviously this means also learning how to get MORE Fastpasses while you are in the parks!

Notably, Fastpasses are included with your park ticket admission.  Select your 3 different Fastpasses per park per day early because it is very important.  Working your Fastpasses in for your must do rides is imperative!

Read about the tiering system  that is in all the Disney parks except Magic Kingdom.  Please note that you may pick 1 ride from Tier 1 and 2 rides from Tier 2 or 3 rides from Tier 2.

Jump to get more Fastpasses after you use all 3 of your Fastpasses  Select your 4th, use it then pick a 5th and use it. Pick Fastpasses as long as available.  Availability of the more popular rides will go first and, of course,  as the day progresses fewer are available.

Here is a clients feedback:
“Colleen’s services ensured our Disney experience was GREAT. Her advance planning and itinerary mapped out month’s in advance how to execute a successful day. She didn’t blink when a week and a half before our scheduled Disney date, we needed to add one to our itinerary, but went right to work in guiding us through adding one to each of our reservations and fast passes, where we could not, she provided guidance on who to talk to that may be able to help. We spent two days in the parks, relaxed, enjoying limited wait times. We were able to do all of the things on our “must do” lists. Special thanks to Colleen – her services are HIGHLY recommended.”KB

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