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Disney maps

I have a set of Disney maps for you.  These maps are from my July trip so they show what is or isn’t open.  I love to have maps to help plan the days in the parks.  Tt is much easier to traverse the parks when you know where rides/attractions are.  Also, if you are planning to wait to go when everything is open I have maps for you as well.  I love to share!!  Please email me at Colleen@awalkintheparkwithcolleen.net for your free maps.

On the other hand, if you are looking for some help or answer to your questions please reach out to Me for your free 30 minute consultation.  Or, if you are interested in how I can help you maximize your time in the parks then reach out or check out my services.  Everyone should have a great time at Disney!!  My goal is to make that happen for you and your family.

It is VERY important to keep up on what Disney is doing to keep you and your family safe while at their parks and resorts.  Knowing what you need to do in order to enter the parks and have access to the parks is VERY important.  My recommendation is to first set up your My Disney Experience Account.  Besides needing this to link all your Disney tickets, etc. This puts so much information at your fingertips. This is also where the Disney maps BEFORE you go will help.  Yes, you certainly can see the map on your phone but, it is much easier to see in one big picture (the map).  I am very happy to mail them to you.

Disney is great in 2020 and I have the maps to help you enjoy it.  Also, I have the maps for 2021 to help you as well.

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