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Disney is my magical place!

Disney is so much my magical place and I love how I feel when I am there!  I love to help people feel when they are there!  I am lucky that I can help people with their planning for Disney!!  It is all true joy for me.

I recently had coffee with a friend of mine (OK, so I drank tea, not a coffee person) and we talked about how some people get and feel the magic of Disney and others do not.  I believe I am one of the fortunate who do feel the magic. I know people, including family members who do not get the magic.  Disney is not their happy place.  As long as they HAVE a happy place that is good.

FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK:You can regularly see pictures of kids (sometimes big kids too) on Facebook or on other social media with great happiness in their faces which lead right to the heart.  To watch someone see Mickey for the very first time is magic.  Or seeing your favorite Disney character, for me Cruella.  That person in front of me IS Cruella, no buts or ifs.  I feel wonderful!!!  I am with my idol!!  MAGIC.

Another friend of mine told me about how her Father didn’t get the magic until he meet Alice, then it happened.  He understood and he felt the magic.  Or when I have heard about how a grandchild runs to Mickey and throws his arms around him and says “I love you so much Mickey”.  That is all Magic, it is all Disney.

I remember one time being at Magic Kingdom waiting to see Gaston.  We all know Gaston is not a nice guy but when I was there talking to him I felt like all the women in the beauty in the Beast movies and just was swooned by Gaston-I have pictures to prove it.

USE THE TOOLS TO FIND THE CHARACTERS: You can use Kenny the Pirates list of characters link:https://www.kennythepirate.com/disney-world-character-schedules/ or even his App.  You can also use the Disney My Disney Experience App to locate the characters that day in the park.  You may even get some surprise pop up ones, you never know.

I hope you get the magic.  I hope all your Disney dreams come true!  Feel free to share you character stories and pictures.

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