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Disney in park packing list

Have you ever wondered what to bring into the parks with you at Disney?  I have put together a Disney in park packing list, suggestions of course.  Check it out!!

Disney in park packing list

-Phone                                                                                   -Band Aids

-Wallet with ID and Credit/debit card, cash                   -Entertainment for standing in line

-Magic band                                                                           (bubbles, cards, hand held games, etc.)

-Park tickets                                                                         -Moleskin

-Tissues                                                                                 -Ziploc bags

-Hand sanitizer                                                                    -Hat

-Sunscreen                                                                          -Hand cream

-Tylenol (remember can’t be bought at Disney)        -Advil

-Dramamine                                                                     -Anti Diarrhea Pills

-Benadryl (if you have allergies)                                   -Sunglasses

-Wet wipes                                                            -Phone charger (external battery as well as plug in)

-Ponchos                                                                          -Spare socks

-Lip Balm                                                                          -Lanyard and pins

-Pen and small note pad                                               -Large pin for autographs

-Mister bottle                                                                 -Small towel/Shami clothes

Let me know what other items you suggest or carry with you in to the Disney parks.

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