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Disney Fastpasses

Do you know about the Disney Fastpasses?  If you don’t you want to!  Disney Fastpasses are like a reserved place in line for your favorite ride/attraction/show.  I like to think of them as go to the head of the line passes.

Picking your 3 Fastpasses for ONE park for the day can be challenging.  I recommend knowing which rides you will need to have them for and the best use of them.  Watching your Disney App you can see which rides have the longest wait times.  Choosing the right ones is your mission.  Keep in mind that Magic Kingdom is the only park without a tier system.  What I mean is that the rides are put into 2 tiers.  With the tier 1 rides you get to pick one and with tier 2 rides you get to pick 2.  That’s your total of 3 Fastpasses.  Researching and knowing which rides are in Tier 1 is very important to know.

Getting up early to make you Fastpasses is also important.  You will make your Fastpasses choices through your My Disney Experience Account.  When staying on site you get to select them 60 days in advance of your arrival day.  BUT, if you are staying off site, it is 30 days prior to your day in the park.  Check out this day calendar. Selecting your hardest to get Fastpasses first is a must!!  You don’t really want to start with day 1 in the parks, but from the hardest to get ones.

Planning your day in the parks can be enhanced knowing when you have your Fastpasses, I would love to talk..  This helps you know when to be in those areas of the parks so you can have more fun.  Remember to look at your dining reservations BEFORE and while you are selecting your Fastpasses.  Making sure you are allotting enough time to enjoy your meals as well as enjoy your time in the parks.

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