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Disney Planning FAQ

Here are some Disney planning Frequently Asked Questions...

Question 1: How do you keep up with all the changes and how often do you go to Disney?

Answer : I keep up with the changes by traveling to Disney regularly, reading, reaching out to contacts at Disney and  in the travel world, and media, just to name some of my resources. By going to Disney 2 or more times a year to keep up on all the new rides/attractions.  It is important to also keep up on any procedural/policy changes.  Testing new and different plans and procedures to see which ones will maximize your time in the parks.


Question 2: What do you do that is different from a Travel Agent?

Answer :  Many Travel Agents can/will do many of the things I do, though I believe in face to face meets and getting to know you and your family better to take it a step farther.  I create an itinerary for each day from when you get to the park until you leave so you know what you are doing.  The itinerary works even with the flexibility we build into it or if you are running a bit late in your day. By meeting you where and when it is convenient for you.  Happily would love to come to your home, office, coffee shop, etc. to discuss and plan your Disney vacation.  We meet where YOU are.

By meeting with you and getting to know you and your travel group, the plans are for YOUR days IN the parks. The dining and ride reservations are based upon what YOU want.  Do you have children in different age and height groups?  We plan for that.

Through education you know how to best tour the parks to maximize your time BEFORE arriving at the park.  The design of your itinerary in the parks suits YOUR needs and wants, after all it is YOUR vacation. Remember it is about you and your family as well as what you and your family want!

I make myself available to you while planning the trip, during the trip and after the trip (need to work on those Memory maker pictures).  My clients call, text, or email me while in the parks or at Disney for support as needed.

I also am a travel agent affiliated with Millbrook World Travel Corp.  This makes it so I can take care of ALL your Disney needs from beginning until the end.


Question 3What are your fees?  Are you expensive?

Answer :  Packages are available or you can do hourly, they vary and depend upon many factors.  The very basic starts at $150 and goes up to $900 plus.  It matters how far in advance of your trip you book with me, number of people in party, if I am making dining and ride reservations, setting up itineraries, and so much more.

Or you can set up a consultation with me and just pick my brain for 30 or 60 minutes. I want you to get the most out of your days in the park!

Their are no fees for the travel agent services.


Question 4:  How far in advance should I book my Disney vacation?

Answer :  My recommendation is 8-10 months in advance.  Keep in mind that discounts for on site resorts may not be out yet, usually you can re-book to get the better rate.

I have also assisted clients as short as 3 days out from travel!  Their is always something I can do to help you have a better time at Disney!  Disney planning FAQ is an easy way to know this.


Question 5:  Why should I hire you when I can do it all myself?

Answer :  Yes, you can do it all yourself. Do you have the time and want to use your time to do that?  I save your time in the planning process and in the parks so YOU don’t take TIME away from your family or work.  Using my personal experiences and tools I have developed working with clients, we create a great experience for YOU at Disney.  I share my Disney knowledge with YOU!


Question 6 Can you guarantee getting me the dining reservations?

Answer:  Sadly no. Disney controls the number of reservations due to space.  Yet, I will keep trying up to the day you leave to get them for you.  I am very persistent.


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