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Disney Dream Vacation

What is a Disney Dream Vacation to you?  Does your dream vacation include?  Wouldn’t it be great to start with a Free 30 minute consultation  Yes you read that right.

Imagine a day where you start out with breakfast in the castle with the Princesses then you start you amazing day at Magic Kingdom.  Don’ spend your days in lines because you have set up a game plan that sets you off to fun. Maybe you dine at Casey’s Corner where you have used the mobile ordering.This saves you time by not standing in line. After lunch it’s off to more rides and shows or perhaps the parade.  Dinner is at Crystal Palace or Be Our Guest-whatever your culinary dreams are!!

You have a question over the course of the day, call or text me- it is answered for you.  Having been taught how to look out for other opportunities or things you could do that may not have been in your game plan.  Knowing how to maximize the use of the My Disney Experience App and using Disney planning makes your day.  I am your partner that has helped you with this.

How about ending the day perhaps at the Desserts Fireworks Party at Tomorrow Land. Maybe you decide to watch in front of the castle. The secret is you know to stay until after Once Upon a Time.  When you are really pushing it you stay for the Kiss Goodnight.  No matter what, it was an amazing day!  You and your family deserve a magical day!!!

We can make your Disney Dream Vacation be what you want it to be.  May all your dreams come true!!


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