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Disney Cast Members

Disney Cast Members are amazing!  Think about your last visit to Disney and I am sure you can think about how at least one cast member did something to really make a great moment for you.  That’s what they do and they do it with a smile!!

I love to watch the energy level of the cast members and how they use it to make your day better.  Having met and gotten to know cast members and former cast members.  They all love what they can do and what they do.  The goal is to create a magical time for you.  It’s about creating a memory for you.  You know it is the happiest place on earth.

My question is, did you thank them?  A thank you or a kind word goes so very far.  We ALL like to be appreciated for what we do especially if it is that magical special thing.  PLEASE thank them.  Even if they say no to something, say thank you.  Think of the 10’s of 1000’s of people they see and interact with each and every day.  Just say thank you.

Even better, go to guest relations and tell them.  Make sure to get the name of the cast member , approximate time and location of great experience to give to them.  If you are in a restaurant ask for the manager.  You will be given the opportunity to write something down for them.  That stays in their file forever.  You can even go on line and email Disney: Disney compliment

This is certainly worth your time.  So please, on your next visit make sure to thank the cast members.  It matters.  Thank you.

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