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Must do rides at Magic Kingdom

Their are must do rides at Magic Kingdom for me and I am sure for you.  If you have never been then check out my choices. Remember, go left because everyone else is going right.  First, It is over to Adventureland to Pirates of the Caribbean first.  This ride includes...

Caramel Corn at Epcot

My must, must , must do is have the caramel corn at Epcot from Karamell-Küche !!!  I usually buy 4 bags and bring some home.  After finding out that it lasts longer if stored in a refrigerator I started doing this.  Have you tried this freshly made caramel corn??  If...

I cry at Soarin’

I cry at Soarin' every time.  Quite frankly, I cry or at least tear up, when I hear the music for Soarin'.  To me something about Soarin makes me cry, in a good way.  Yes, I cry at Soarin'-do you? I still remember the first time I rode Soarin".  It was at Disneyland...

Founder’s Story

Many people ask me how I got into this business? What motivated me to do what I do?  Here is my Founder’s Story: My Founder's Story begin as I sat holding my 3 day old nephew, I told him that “If I am not able to have children then when you are 5, we will take you to...

Disney Planning

Continuing on our Disney planning theme, when is it busy/busier a the Disney Parks. Disney Planning which days to spend in the parks is very important.  It is important to know which days are busier than others.  There are many reasons why the park can be busy; I will...

Magic Bands

The PLANNING (back to basics) continues with My Disney Experience (MDE) and using Magic Bands. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to set up a MDE account in advance!!  A My Disney Experience account is a great addition to your planning because, this is...

Purchase the 5 Easy Steps to Planning your trip to Disney!

Purchase the 5 Easy Steps to Planning your trip to Disney!

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