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Cruise Booking & Planning

Let's talk about Your Cruise Options

Are you looking at a cruise vacation?  If yes, then let’s talk about your options!  

Their are so many cruise options out there and it is hard to decide which one is best for you.  I have found that people definitely have their favorites and tend to stay with them (this can earn you bonuses as well).

When planning your cruise it is important to look at several factors (not limited to):
1-Ports they travel from
2-Size of the ships
3-Activities on the ships
4-What is included with the cruise price and what you may to add
5-Where the cruise ships travel to and what stops they have
6-Room selections
8-Dining options can be a factor
9-The one we all don’t like to really talk about Budget

These are ALL very important.  make sure you know what you are getting so you have a magical and relaxing cruise.
Having the cruise ship and company that is right for you is so important.  

Here are some of the major cruise lines(in no particular order):
2-Royal Caribbean
5-Holland America

To name just a few. You have many choices when it comes to cruises and seeing the world. You want to know more about it, please reach out 518-265-1421 or colleen@awalkintheparkwithcolleen.net to learn more about the cruise that would best fit you and your travel party.

Let’s talk about the different cabin options and locations on your ship.  You can have a basic inside cabin or to deluxe suites with multiple bedrooms.  It is important to think about how much time you will be spending in your cabin as well as if you have any likes or dislikes-like need to see out a window or need to have additional space.  

Let’s start with knowing that each cruise line has their own terms for different types of rooms. Also, each cruise line has different amenities in each of the cabin types.  Know what is important to you.

-Interior/Inside cabin
-Interior Room with a view (Virtual view)
-Window exterior room
-Multiple bedroom suites
-To name a few.

With larger size rooms, better views, more amenities , these can all increase your bottom line but also increase your comfort. I was happily surprised when I went on Royal Caribbean and had a junior suite with the increased space and walk in closet-yes, walk in closet!  Another plus was expediated boarding process.  This made it much faster and smoother.  We also had a lovely balcony to be out on to start our day.

What activities are you looking to do on your cruise??
-Are ports of call important?
-Activities for you and your family on the ship?
-What entertainment are you looking for?
-Do you want a gym to go to?
-Looking for adult only areas?
-Are restaurants your thing?
-Are you looking to just relax?
-Thinking a spa day or week could be good for you?

These are choices you definitely want to look at before actually booking your cruise.  Make sure to check the different cruise lines for selections.  Also, the larger cruise lines have their own islands that you can go to for a day.  Learn what you can do at the island included and additional fees.

It is important to select the best ship and cabin for many reasons for your cruise vacation. Let’s talk about what is important to you and your travel party.  Time to set sail on your next adventure!! 

Where are you looking to cruise to?  Are you looking to extend it on each end to include more travel? Perhaps an Alaska land and sea cruise. 

When traveling to areas like the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico you will probably be starting and finishing in the same location.  Other cruises to Europe may start in US but end in Europe or start in one port and end in another.  With these type of cruises you can add on time to really see the final destination of the cruise.  Kind of a vacation on top of a vacation.

You may find that the smaller cruise ships or river cruise ships give you more options for this.  A small cruise ship gives you a whole new way to see a country or land.  Our own Mississippi has some great river cruises if you want to stay close to home.

Are you unsure of what is best for you then please reach out with any and all questions.  Everyone should have a great time on their cruise vacation!  Look at your choices or ask me about your choices.  We want the best cruise for you and your travel party.  Let this be your next adventure, your next magical vacation.

If you have any travel questions I am more than happy to answer them for you.  I offer a free 30 minute consultation so let’s talk. If you are thinking or planning a trip to Disney or Beyond, please reach out for some planning and/or travel assistance. Call 518-265-1421 or email me at Colleen@awalkintheparkwithcolleen.net


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