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Cruella’s Hideaway Halloween Party

Cruella’s Hideaway Halloween Party is available during the Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Parties.  It has several perks and I wanted to talk about it.

Here is the link for the party: Cruella’s Hideaway party  and for the Mickey’s Not SO Scary Halloween Party MNSSHP

As many of you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Halloween Party!  I get to dress up and be Cruella for the evening-as long as it is not to hot.  Note: To wear a wig when it is high 80’s or low 90’s at night is not a good idea-way too hot!  I have learned this lesson.  Be careful when choosing your costume and think about the heat.  That being said, if you go in October it may be “cool”.  Keep and eye on the weather and think about this with your costume.

The Cruella party was pretty cool!  Food, beverages (adults for those over 21) and of course, Cruella herself.  She will come visit your table and talk to you.  How could you not want to do this??  I thought it was a great event.  You can come and go as much as you like between 930 and 1230. You also get previewed viewing area in town center for the second parade.  This is helpful.  It is definitely enough food and food types to be a full meal for you.

My concerns were that I love being out for the fireworks (1015 PM) and felt a little rushed to be out for them.  Then I also want to spend some time trick or treating.  Of course, I also try to hit a couple rides, especially the ones with special effects for the party like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Overall, a great event and you should check it out!

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