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Connecting father and son- A Disney Moment

Several years back, I had just returned home from running the Princess Half Marathon at Disney and was feeling pretty good.

I reached out to my nephews Mom about the trip and just general catching up. She then mentioned that my older nephew would be preforming at Downtown disney (now Disney Springs) with his string orchestra at the end of the month!  I couldn’t believe my nephew hadn’t told me. I asked if she knew where he was staying and what parks he would be in.  She wasn’t sure but said he would be home shortly.

I thought, I have to be there for him, how could I not??

I called my brother in VT and asked if he wanted to go, he said yes, he also said we would surprise his younger son with the trip.

I was able to get a room, tickets for my brother and younger son, as well as great dining reservations, luckily.

When my brother came to pick me up and we arrived at airport to tell his younger son he was going to Disney now-the look on his face- a Disney moment.

It got even better at the Disney resort.  I had told my older nephew I would be there, we did not tell him aobut his Dad or brother.

We arrive late at resort and found the chaperone (advisedhim of surprise) who called out my older nephew (made him think he was in trouble).  My older nephew came out and say me and he lit up as I hugged him.  Then I slowly turned him so he could see his dad-that was A Disney Moment!

I apologize so long, thank you.

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