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Christmas lights on Cinderella’s Castle- A Disney moment

I wanted to share a story with you about the lights on Cinderella’s Castle for Christmas.

Several years ago my husband, a friend and nephew were making a trip to Disney in early January.  Everything I read said their would be no lightson the castle when we arrived. My friend REALLY wanted to see them but I had to tell her no.

Shortly before leaving on the trip I found out they would still be there, I was so excited but didn’t tell my friend.

We had dinner at Be Our Guest and when we walked out she saw the lights and I told her it was my gift to her, we cried happy tears.  That was a Disney moment for her and for me.

This is why I keep going back to Disney and why I love to take new friends and family.

Please feel free to share your Disney moment.  Thank you.

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