Christmas at Disney is CRAZY busy!  i tell you this so you can plan better.  Planning at Disney becomes even more important during the busy times of the year.

Christmas week is the busiest week at Disney.  It is quite common for Magic Kingdom to reach capacity by mid afternoon and close for any new entries.  This means if you are not already in the park you will not be allowed in.  It does not matter that you have a dining reservation, a tour reservation, a fast pass reservation or the rest of your family is in there.  When the park reaches capacity they do not allow more to enter.  PLEASE keep in mind that this is for your safety and the safety of the other guests.

Make sure to get there very early, 30-40 minutes prior to posted opening time would be good.  Make sure you  have your fastpasses all picked out and know what you want to do for the day.  With that being said, you will have limitations about what you can accomplish, especially without standing in crazy long lines.

You can still have a magical time at Disney, and Magic Kingdom, but please set realistic goals for your day.  Make sure to bring your patience with you as well. Be prepared!  Plan to have fun.